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elderly Care St Helens
Elderly Care St Helens

Help at home for the Senior and Vulnerable Adults

Our home care services at TogetherCare are perfect for those who require some more help around their home or for those requiring a substantial amount of care to help them achieve daily tasks.  Our home care packages range from 30 min lunch calls to several hour calls to help with bathing and other aspects of personal care.

Elderly Care St Helens
Elderly Care St Helens

Helping you stay at home

We would love for you to stay at home and, let’s face it, it’s where you would rather be.  We want to provide continual support to help you remain active and most importantly socialise. This is an important aspect of home care for those living at home and who are vulnerable for extended periods of time. Our home care services in St Helens include –
Personal Care, Medication Calls, Cleaning Services, Shopping Services, Companionship calls, Night Sits and much more.

Disability Care

Elderly Care St Helens
Senior Care St Helens

Disability Care St Helens

Help for those with Learning Difficulties

As a care provider we work with many vulnerable adults and that is no different for service users with Learning Disabilities.  Making sure they have the same opportunities as anybody else we create a care package that is suitable for both the service user but also the family.  TogetherCare’s foundations are made on providing support for a family member who had autism which is a serious learning difficulty.  We understand that making sure the family members are also stress free when it comes to providing care for someone with learning difficulties is just as important as providing the care itself.  We will work with everyone involved to provide the right care package.

Senior Care St Helens

Help for those with Physical Disabilities

Physical disabilities can be very difficult to deal with because of the restrictions they can place on your day to day life.   At TogetherCare we want you to be unrestricted in the care we provide. We won’t limit services we provide but instead create new opportunities for you that other providers might not do or may have missed.  We want you to smile when you see TogetherCare carers and look forward to the visits we provide. This is the case for many service users we currently provide care to on a frequent basis.

Dementia and Alzheimers

Dementia Support and Care

Providing support/home care in St Helens to those suffering with Dementia and Alzheimer’s is close to our heart.  Why you may ask,  this is because again the foundations of TogetherCare are built on providing care for the elderly suffering from dementia and alzheimer's.  TogetherCare was formed after Mick and Michael Burke provided care to family members who were suffering from dementia.  After the passing of a family member TogetherCare was formed so we could pass our experience to others and also provide a loving care service for the people of St Helens.

Alzheimers Support and Care

Our Dementia care packages are built entirely around you or your loved ones and are the basis of the TogetherCare service.  We will work with you to create the perfect package but you are also free to ask for support from the staff or directors about dementia and how to deal with family members who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

End Of Life Care/Palliative Care

Making your loved ones comfortable at home

Making you or your loved ones comfortable is always one of the most important aspects of care for TogetherCare.  Knowing your loved one is being looked after is critical to successful care.  We work with both the service user and the family to make sure that the care we provide for end of life situations is the best it can possibly be.  No excuses, we want to provide the best care in St Helens when it comes to comfort and quality.

High Quality Palliative Care. No Excuses

Our End of Life care packages are both flexible and affordable so you can make sure that the right care at the right time and at the right price is being given.

Continual Health Care

Long Term Care Packages are always available

Need frequent and long periods of care.  Our Continual health care services could be right for you. We can provide a handful of carers to provide continual health care support for you in your own home.  We currently provide this type of care to several service users who are suffering from long term illness and find it hard to carry out daily tasks

Extended calls or continual care packages

Again we want to help you and our current Continual Health Care service users are extremely happy with the continual support they are receiving from TogetherCare because we put you first every call, every day, every time!  Your support is our concern.

Cleaning Services

Regular cleaning calls

Ccleaning calls in St Helens are second nature to TogetherCare.  As our name suggests we work together with service users and clients. Please note we only provide cleaning calls as part of a current care package with TogetherCare.

Accomodate them with your current care package

  1. Household cleaning
    Specific Room Cleaning
    Outdoor/Garden Tidy
    Washing up or Laundry